Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Whew! It feels nice to sit for a minute and catch my breath! I even managed a 'rest' today in between holding the leveler for my husband while he hung pictures in the baby's room, holding the base of the light while he installed a new dining room light, running to drop off a donation at Goodwill, and going through packages of baby things that were delivered today.

Needless to say there hasn't been much writing getting done since Sunday. In fact, things have been absolute chaos here.

Here are some important people in my life.
From left to right: Grandma, mom, me, sister, aunt.
So excited to meet Harper!

The baby shower went really well. We had about forty people pack into my house and give me some really great gifts. I can officially say that we don't have to worry about clothes for H anymore! We are more than covered! The food, good lord, the food. I couldn't stop! Everything was so good.
When the hubs got home from work he and I ordered everything that we didn't get that we still needed so that everything would be all set for our little arrival.

Then I had a big mess to clean up. I spent all of Monday hauling things upstairs to her room, and doing baby laundry. I had 4 loads. FOUR! Do you even know how many tiny clothes you can fit into four loads of laundry! Its a lot.
When I was done I cleaned out the lint thing, and it was completely pink.
Any indication of what the next 18 years of my life will look like?
Around three I finally hit a wall, after two loads in the dishwasher, picking up tons of trash, and all of that laundry, so I decided I needed a nap.
Once I woke up I met a good friend for dinner and came home and folded another load of baby clothes while the hubs and I watched Lost. Which, by the way, we are obsessed with right now. What?! We don't have T.V. so we Netflix everything!

Clean Kitchen!

Tuesday, I woke up and met another friend for coffee. Have I mentioned what great friends I have? Because they're great! Then I went home to my dark abyss of everything everywhere and got to work. Four hours later my house was finally back together and I felt like I could finally breathe! By the time Z got home from work, I was pooped though. I started reading Rule which I am absolutely loving, so I wasn't leaving the couch. We watched another episode of Lost, and I hit the hay!                                                            

Z had the day off today so we decided to be extra productive! We took the car to get an oil change, then went to breakfast. When we got home my hottie started hanging pictures in the baby's room
which I thought was so cute! He is so excited about her and I love that so much! I don't know what I would do without that man. He is always so supportive, no matter what!
Then we hung a new light in the dining room.
I took a quick rest and was off again, Goodwill, Farm & Fleet and the coffee shop.

When I got back, the packages arrived and the boy and I started going through all of the fun things in them! Getting things organized is my favorite!
Now its just about dinnertime, which is going to be beef stroganoff, and then we have some thank you cards to write. Well, a lot of thank you's! But its ok, because we are so appreciative of every single person in our lives, who love us enough to care about our baby!

Tomorrow will be a beast of its own, where I tackle the baby's room and hopefully get everything that is strewn about, into a place of its own. Maybe then my life will feel a little less chaotic!

Also, this will be the Hubs and my first Valentines day in the five years we've been together where he doesn't have to rush off to work a twelve hour midnight shift. February's are always tough for us, but this year, with the baby coming, things are a little different! I am making steak, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I cant decide what to do for dessert though. I'm sure I'll think of something. *wink*

So I say all of that to say that my plan is from Friday on throughout the weekend the only thing on my agenda is to write. I hope to get some major words in! So I better finish Rule by then!

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