About Rory

My name is Rory. I write stories, do hair, read good books, clean up messes my dog and husband make, and pretty soon I will be soothing a crying baby as well. I answer to super woman.

I am an avid reader and chocolate lover. Dog fan, although not always of my own who loves to try my patience. The boy and I always say that if it weren't for her cute face she would have been Chinese food by now!

I grew up in the country in Illinois. Didn't make it too much further away from there, 20 miles,  although the town I live in now has a Wal-Mart and a coffee shop so I like to think that I am moving on up!

I was homeschooled along with my sister and two  brothers, which gave me a lot of time to pursue my creative endeavors that never ceased. I've always been one of those odd kids that lived in their heads. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I think from the second I learned to put letters together, I started writing stories. They varied depending on what I was dreaming about at the time. A horse, a garden, new siblings, baseball, puppies, the list never ends. I always had paper and pens with me!

I hope you enjoy this little blog! It will mostly feature my writing struggles and triumphs, but also some about my life as well. You'll probably get to hear funny stories about my dog, and when I pop out this kid next month, you'll probably get to hear all about that as well.

Leave me comments! I would love to get to know you as well!

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