Friday, January 18, 2013

Schedules, Routines and Outlines

These are all of the things that I have been working on establishing in my life, especially since I am home now, I have no reason not to have a routine. I have always been so good at making routines, not so good at sticking to them. I always start out with really good intentions, and then somewhere along the line I give up.

Monday, January 7, 2013

More Changes.

Times just keep changing. I am now a homemaker. I work from home. Keeping my house clean. And reading. And stuff. Honestly, I am completely surprised at how many things there are to do around a house. Especially a house like ours, which is 4000 sq. feet. It takes a lot to keep up with stuff. I like to think that I was pretty good at it before, always kept the dog hair swept up and the Scentsy pot going. We always had clean laundry too, although I hardly ever put it away. We would just shuffle through the five baskets on the ground until we found what we were looking for. Once, we even organized the baskets so that one was just full of socks and underwear. All of that work instead of just putting it away. Haha.