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Since I have started this whole novel writing adventure, I have been doing extra reading about the craft. I just got done reading
Will Write For Shoes
Will Write For Shoes 
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Hardback · September 5, 2006
Paperback · August 21, 2007

Thomas Dunne Books
Hardback: ISBN: 0312358997
Paperback: ISBN: 0312359004

It was very helpful and informative, however, it also seemed too cut and dry. 

I'm not a person who likes rules very much. I'm a "rules are meant to be bent" kind of girl. I usually don't go all out and literally break every rule ever placed in my life, however, I do tend to bend them as far as I can without being caught, or, if I know that I'll be caught, without getting into to much trouble.

Lets take the hairnet situation at work. I work at an Assisted Living Home. I do work in dietary, however I do nothing with the food, yet, I have to wear the dreaded hairnet EVERY SINGLE DAY. They fall off all of the time. You'll find them on your back, or all over the floor. And they are a really terrible brownish redish color that absolutely does not blend with anyone's hair. Therefor, they are lucky if I put that thing on once a week.

The speed limit is a whole other ballpark: Its really more of a guideline than anything, right?

Anyway, I'm not a very good rule follower. 

Now, keep in mind that I am no published author. I haven't even finished my first novel, but I am close. Yeeeeeeee!!! Uh, sorry about that.

While this book had lots of wonderful ideas. Actually the ideas were endless. And, it opened my eyes to a lot of things that I didn't necessarily notice or think about, I was just a little bit tiffed by all of the rules.

I am aware that you have to have some kind of a guideline, something to aim for. And she does says over and over that she is a really organized control freak, but thats not how I work so I didn't find some of her suggestions helpful to how I write.

That being said, it really was a fun fast read. Informative, even if I didn't agree with everything, and obviously well researched. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

I do believe that the biggest thing that I have learned since starting this journey is - drum roll- you actually have to sit down and write. Something. Every. Single. Day.

Wow. I know.

Ok. So you probably figured that. I'm not sure why I had this notion in my head that if you came up with this really great idea for a book, even if you didn't have a complete plot line, it would just write itself, based on that genius idea. Dumb, right? 

But seriously, sitting down every single day to write is difficult. Sometimes I have nothing to say. Sometimes, I just straight up don't feel like it. Sometimes I'm tired. Sometimes I'm to busy.

But it makes me happy, and gives me a sense of accomplishment like nothing else in the world. And I'm a better person when I am writing. My fiancee likes me a lot more because I am chipper and excited. Its really a win, win.

So I have to sit my ass in the chair every single day, and write something. 

And I have for the past month. I know thats not a lot, but it is for me, so I'm excited about it. Just let me have it!

So my challenge: Every day this week, sit down and write 250-500 words on your work in progress.

Do it, I will. Probably. You wont regret it though. Promise.

If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have got anywhere.
Marilyn Monroe

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