Saturday, May 4, 2013

New Ideas

Wow guys, its been forever since I have updated this thing. Life has been nuts. I've still written just about everyday but I just haven't had as much time to get to talk about it! I savor every second alone, or even if I am not alone, if it is remotely quiet I am behind my computer screen.I think I talked a little bit about how since my Bird has been born I haven't had any connection with my previous story. I don't really know what happened. I still love the concept and my characters have a special place in my heart. I am dying for them to overcome their obstacles, I just can't make that happen for them right now. I was so excited about it, and I do intend to finish it and give them the ending that they deserve I just cant do it right now.

I have had this one particular story inside of me for years. I don't know what it is about this particular one, these particular characters that have haunted me and wont leave me the hell alone. Its that story that you sit down to write over and over again, but stop because nothing you are writing is doing justice to the story in your head. Do you know the one I am talking about? Well I had been doing a pretty good job at ignoring those people in my head for a little over a year. Every now and again something would happen to make me think of them, or I would get a bit of dialogue, but for the most part they had kept to themselves. Finally. Until my Bird was born. I don't know what changed for them once she was here. The story has nothing to do with babies, or becoming a parent, or anything even remotely related to the changes that happened in my life when she was born. Yet there they were again. As I am rocking my Bird at 3am I am thinking about them again. As I am sipping my morning coffee, they are occupying my head. I know I sound like a basket case when I tell you that, or maybe you writers out there will understand, but I have grown used to them just being in the background for years. This is the first time they have been so vivid, demanding that their story be told.

I finally think the time is right. I don't think I was necessarily ready to tell the truth of their story before and that's why I had to stop. For some reason I got invested in these characters and wanted to do right by them, but was having a hard time being honest with the events that happened. I'm not sure why. But I am finally ready. It needs to be told, and it needs to come out of me.

The last month or so I have been doing little snippets of work on an outline for it. I finally finished today and am ready to start my first draft. I don't really get a set time to sit down to work right now but I have been sneaking away as often as I can even if its ten minutes. 

My poor Bird's colic seems to have gotten better, or maybe its that I haven't tried to enforce any kind of regiment with her other than feedings at the same time everyday. Either way the crying has gotten under control. Sleeping through the night is another thing entirely but that's more on me because I have been either too tired to care or so wrapped up in my outline that I haven't been the most consistent with it. Anyway, we are getting used to each other so things are going smoother and that always makes life better!

Well, hubs has the Bird for the time being so I am going to get to work. Have a good weekend everyone!

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