Sunday, May 26, 2013

On the WIP!

I've been absent from this blog for quite a while now choosing to write instead of anything else when I am behind the computer. I've built up quite the regiment of roughly 3k words a day and I am happy to announce that my story is coming along quite nicely. I believe that I am finally able to do these characters justice and I am enjoying writing their story so much, if only so that they are out of my head so that other things can occupy that space. Lets be honest, I'm a mom now and I need all of the extra space I can get in that head these days.

I am at 42k words so far in this story. The goal -what I've mapped out content for- is 80k so I am slightly more than halfway through. I have a friend who I have been allowing to read as I go. She is my critic partner of sorts and always takes down helpful notes and asks all of the hard questions or shows me a different way to look at something. She is always really helpful. I was reluctant to show her anything from this story because 1) its different from anything else i've ever written. Its a lot steamier with more going on under the surface and I didn't know how she would take it. And 2) It's my baby. Reluctantly I agreed but told her that she couldn't show me her notes until the entire story is told.

Much to my surprise she is obsessed. Everyday she is texting asking when I will be done with my 3k so that I can upload the days work. The other night she was upset with her husband and had read one of the steamier scenes and was pissed at me because she was all worked up and didn't even want to look at her husband but I was making her rethink it! What a compliment!

I am considering getting this one published. I think that deep down every writer wants to be published. Even when, like me, they write just to get the story off of their chest and for no other purpose than because they cant not write. At this point writing for me is like breathing and I don't know how to do life if I am not writing. Its relaxing and gives me a sense of peace. My husband always tells me that I am a happier person if I have been writing and I tend to believe that that's true.

I'm going to finish this story first though. I don't want to rush into anything. I want to make sure that it is the exact story that I was trying to tell before anyone else gets a taste of Declan and Gerty. I want to spend some time getting it properly edited. I want to find some Beta readers to get some proper feedback. I want to make it the best that it can be.

I will be researching all of this in the coming weeks and months. If you are interested in maybe being a Beta drop me a line either on here or twitter and I will get you my email address. I would really appreciate any kind of feedback I can get good or bad. I want this story to be the best that I can make it!

I am hoping to be done by the end of June with my first draft although I think the second half is going to go a lot quicker than the first half went so maybe a couple of weeks and I'll be done. Squeeeee!!!!! *Happy dance*

Its going to be weird not to have them in my head anymore because they have been there for so long, but maybe it will be great to have them on paper instead! We'll see!

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  1. Hey Nicole!

    Great blog post!

    You can never have enough head space when you're a mom.

    Someone you know telling you your sex scene made them horny is both the most amazing and most awkward thing ever.

    Congrats on the smooth sailing! Super excited to hear your writing is going so well. Keep it up!