Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Race Against Time

That's what my life feels like these days. This week has been pretty good. I have been able to keep up on things around the house, and my Bird has done better this week with sleeping so I decided to start incorporating writing again everyday. Writing with a newborn in the house is tricky. I have to be strategic and sneaky about it.

My Bird is a month old today and has started getting colicky. It usually starts after her 9p feeding and can go until 12a if it gets too crazy. Its tough to watch and can get pretty frustrating, if I am being completely honest. Its the worst trying to figure out what is upsetting her because I just want to make everything all better. That being said I have to be prepared for that time of the night. Usually that means that I need to be calm, maybe have napped, and just know and be ok with the fact that after about 8:30p I am done for the night. There is no chance of me getting anything else done.

My little Cubs fan is getting so big already!

Because of that I have been a lot more organized with my two and a half hour blocks of time between feedings. I rush around, trying to get my list done as quickly as possible, not really caring how well things get done as long as their done, so that I can spend the rest of my time at my computer.

For some reason, since I had the Bird, I haven't been able to get this story that I started a few years ago out of my head. It was one of those that you go and go on it until you realize that its just not working anymore and you have to take a step back, although its painful. Randomly those characters have been visiting me again. As I sit rocking the Bird in the middle of the night they entertain me. I have been able to figure out some plot problems and places that I have dropped the ball. Places I could have done better and didn't. I've been making notes and asking myself questions about different aspects when I don't have time to be actively writing on it. It feels so good to be working on it again, like revisiting old friends.

That being said I will be out of the loop for about a week. The Bird and I are going out of town to visit some family. I'm hoping to at least be able to work some on my manuscript, but I highly doubt that I will have time to blog, or even be anywhere with any kind of Internet connection. We are going out to the sticks!

So have a good week, and we will catch up when we get back!

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