Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Just write.

I need to take my own advice today. I have been obsessed with New Girl. Holy Lord is it a funny show. I have been feeling really overwhelmed and preoccupied lately so instead of writing I have been watching that and reading. That's definitely not going to help me to be productive.

This is probably why its so important to write every single day. Its too easy to get out of the habit. To be fair, I've got baby on the brain, and all of the anxieties that go along with being a first time parent. Will I suck? Will I screw her up completely? What if I am terrible at being a mom? How tired am I really going to be? Well, if I'm going to be tired when she gets here I better not do anything at all right now. In fact I should probably just lay in bed for the rest of the day. I earned it. I vacuumed, what more do you want from me? Maybe I should make some more chocolate chip cookies. I need taco bell. No, subway. That has lettuce and pickles so its kind of like eating a vegetable. Yeah, I should do subway first, then I can make cookies and not feel guilty because I had vegetables for lunch. It doesn't matter that I will eat the whole foot long, the lettuce and pickles cancel it out. 

And so goes my brain. Funny thing is, I still keep up on my daily list. But once its done I don't do much else. Which is fine, but I should still write. 

Anyway, I wrote Saturday. Took Sunday and Monday off, but now I'm back. I need to finish getting this novel fixed. Its shaping up nicely. I'm really happy with how its turning out. The input that I've gotten back from it has been really encouraging that I'm not completely sucking. Isn't it sad how you need reassurance that you have a right to do what you love to do. I need people in my life who will tell me that this thing that I have put all of this work into, all of this thought and time, that its worth it. That they like it. That someone somewhere would love to read it and get behind it. Someone buys my story. Its not all terrible writing. Just some. But I can fix those parts. Its really encouraging.

So I want to encourage you. Just write. Just write with me. Lets put some time and effort into this whole thing and do it because we love it. Because we buy our stories. Because its important to us. Because no one else can tell the story quite the way we would. Because the story deserves to be told. Lets do this. Lets just write.

Baby Belly 38 Weeks.
For you freaks that like to see that.

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