Monday, January 7, 2013

More Changes.

Times just keep changing. I am now a homemaker. I work from home. Keeping my house clean. And reading. And stuff. Honestly, I am completely surprised at how many things there are to do around a house. Especially a house like ours, which is 4000 sq. feet. It takes a lot to keep up with stuff. I like to think that I was pretty good at it before, always kept the dog hair swept up and the Scentsy pot going. We always had clean laundry too, although I hardly ever put it away. We would just shuffle through the five baskets on the ground until we found what we were looking for. Once, we even organized the baskets so that one was just full of socks and underwear. All of that work instead of just putting it away. Haha.

Anyway, we still have a month and a half before baby so I have been trying to get things organized and cleaned out. I have always had a problem with clutter, so all in all I have been pretty good, even while working, to make sure that the house was clutter free, but just like everyone else, we have closets full of things that we don't need or things that don't have a proper home yet. So that's what I have been fixing.

Along with that, I have written everyday, per Z's request, and have walked everyday! I'm good at this stay at home crap. And I am loving it. I love having the freedom to do what I need to or want to at my own pace. I love that if I decide that I want to spend the entire day writing, or reading something, I can. I realize that with H on her way, things will change once again, but for now I am completely enjoying this time that I have all to myself.

I have always had at least one job, usually more then that, so I was really nervous that I would get stir crazy being home all day, but its actually been the opposite. I fill my days completely and actually feel as though I have accomplished something by the time my head hits the pillow at night. I am so appreciative that I have such a supportive husband who allows me to do this. He keeps telling me that he is relying on me for our retirement so I best get to writing those stories in my head!

Its been a lot easier finding time to sit and write too. I don't feel guilty anymore. I always felt that my writing was taking away from "us" time, or that I should be cleaning something, or at least putting away some laundry. Z has never made me feel that way and has been nothing but supportive, I just struggled with this mental block. Now, however, I cant seem to stop. I just write and write and realize that two hours have passed and I have been writing. The ideas are endless, and I am excited about it again, instead of feeling as though it is a chore, or something that I shouldn't be doing.

We go for our 30 week 3D ultrasound this week. Its starting to close in on us and before we know it another addition to our little family will make her grand appearance. Its going to be so weird, but so good!

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