Friday, August 31, 2012

Wasting Time

Why is it that when you have the most time to dedicate to writing you want to do everything but write? Can anyone tell me why? I get so irritated with myself over it. I am excited for this story I am working on. I have ideas and feel as though it is actually going somewhere. But you'd think to make me sit and write it was the biggest punishment that ever was. I need to stop that.

I'm actually wasting my time right now as we speak. I have Scrivener pulled up behind my blog screen. And Write or Die up behind that, both my most successful ways to get words down on paper, along with unlimited time, and yet here I sit.

I WILL GET MY WORDS DONE. I will. For real. Ugh.

Have any of you read the blog post on Emily Giffin? It makes me mad. Writing is her profession, that means she needs to act like a professional. If she doesn't want to make a different Facebook pages for friends and family and one for fans, then she needs decorum at all times on her Facebook page. I saw some of it as it was happening so I can tell you that it is true, but absolutely ridiculous. I really loved SoBo SoBl, but after that the books were kind of meh for me, so I wont have any problems not giving her my monetary support by buying her books.

I am currently reading The Night Circus.

Have any of you read it yet? I'm not sure what all of the hype is about yet. I'm hoping something spectacular will happen. The imagery that Erin creates is grand, but I am past part two and still waiting for something to happen.

I had heard so many good things about this book, had very high hopes. This book was especially special for me because I adore The Time Traveler's Wife. I would have to say its my favorite book, and I don't take that lightly. I have read it probably close to 20 times. Easily. It is my default book. At least once a year. Anyway, Audrey Niffenegger wrote a blurb on the cover which only excited me more for this story. I'm hoping I get as captivated by it as other's have been. That's my plan after I get done writing, I'm going to make some sweet tea and get lost in that book. Hopefully.

But I must write first.

So I guess I'll go do that now.

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